Social Activities

At Warren Park we believe that providing a good quality food service and supporting a regular, relevant, social activities programme which Residents are free to participate in as much or as little as they want, is essential to maintaining a vibrant home.

Our social activities programme is planned on a week by week basis which is facilitated by our excellent in house co-ordinator Caroline, who provides an excellent variety of social activities throughout the week.

Caroline visits all new residents as part of our admission process and talks with residents about their current/previous interests. We like to encourage Residents to continue with any previous interests where possible or perhaps pursue a new one.

Residents are free to choose which activities they may be interested in participating in or attending, examples of which are detailed below.

    • Nostalgia sessions
    • Arts and crafts
    • Internet browsing sessions
    • A Gardening Club
    • Film screenings
    • Barge boat trip
    • Gentle chair based exercise
    • Visiting singers and entertainers
    • Chair based yoga and meditation sessions
    • One to one time for specific interests like a game of cards
    • Hand massage and pamper sessions
    • Birthday celebrations
    • Trips out to local places of interest

Have a look through our Blog section here to see postings from some of the activities we schedule.