09 Aug 2017
August 9, 2017

Birds of Prey

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We were pleased to have scheduled a visit from Lancashire Owls and Hawks who offer to bring a few birds of prey into the home, give a talk about them and give Residents an opportunity to see the birds close up.

We had a brilliant afternoon meeting the Owls, learning that the majority of their Owls are rescue Owls as well as lots of other interesting facts. Caroline was fascinated to discover that Owls have 14 bones in their neck to enable them to turn their heads 306 degrees! We also discovered that ‘Perdy’ the Barm Owl will dance if you give her a round of applause and that Jamu, an Eagle Owl, is the biggest Owl in existence.

Residents were thrilled with the opportunity to have the birds perch on their arms and get to see them close up, as you can tell from the photographs. Many thanks to Geoff Black for the fantastic images from the afternoon.


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